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Here's a few more... - The Fanfic Summary Trash Bin

About Here's a few more...

Previous Entry Here's a few more... Jun. 14th, 2004 @ 10:46 am Next Entry

Found these cruising the Pit for Sues... (yes I do need a hobby, thank you for asking)

Gumby gone stoner by Tainted89
Gumby is a psycho, and now he's on pot.

I do realize that's a parody, but still, some people need to stop watching Gumby.

Fatal Instinct

[Cyberchase] When Buzz and Delete are brutally murdered, the Cyberquad must find out who did it before it's too late

Cyberchase is a little PBS educational cartoon with a computer theme.  Despite being a fan of dark Pokemon fic myself, I get endless amusement from the fact that some of Cyberchase's older viewers (which I did not know it even had) seem to have mistaken it for Serial Experiments Lain. 

Elwood City MKII by George Nordgren's Stalker reviews

[Arthur]Not an actual story, just a place for me to write the nonsense that comes to me. First story: FLCL: Arthur Style

A summary from my nightmares.  And yes, it's Arthur (the anteater cartoon on PBS) characters doing FLCL.    Worse news:  I looked at it.  It's slash.  (For the record I don't really want to read het with Arthur characters either)


Unicorny For You by Potatoe-M reviews

This is my first story its actually just a conversation me and my friend had one day... but we wanted to make a story so we just started talking slowly and i started to type the story down.... well i hope you like it happy readigs...plz r*r

(I don't think this really needs further elaboration)


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Date:June 14th, 2004 05:01 pm (UTC)
"I'm Gumby, damn it!"
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